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More excitement: Keith
Over Christmas I learned of another exciting event in my circle of friends and family.

People in South Australia, and perhaps even further afield, may have heard of the pending closure of the Keith hospital. Keith is a rural town on the Western Highway between Melbourne and Adelaide. It  has a highschool, which my nephews have done well at, and a hospital. The government plans to close the hospital on the theory that this will save them money. Clearly they have forgotten about the saving lives part of the equation, because without that hospital people will have to rush 40 minutes in various other directions to get help. They've forgotten, or never considered, that the Western Highway gets a lot of traffic and therefore a lot of car accidents, and they've certainly not thought at all about the rising population of elderly who need facilities close by.

Some local kids organised a protest. Four of them spent about four days running in relays to Adelaide. Of course, they couldn't run on the freeway part of the road, so they had to take the long way around. This meant passing through various small towns, and this was good because the townsfolk turned out to cheer them on.

When the national broadcaster, the ABC, finally caught up with the story they needed footage. This they actually got from one of my nephews who had been filming the event with equipment loaned to him from his school. He had interviewed the runners at various times, as well as locals in the towns they passed through, and turned out to be a good interviewee himself.

Don't you just love it when you hear of such young people, schoolkids, doing good in the world?


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