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Exciting year
I've just realized that this has been an exciting year.

This is the year that my friend Sue Bursztynski, got her first novel published - she's published plenty of books but this is the first novel. It's Wolfborn. The title alone tells you a lot, but follow the link for more info.

Someone else I know, a Jazz singer, but out her first CD. It got an excellent review in the Green Guide (the media section of a major Melbourne newspaper, so for those who don't live here and so don't know, yeah, a good review there is a big deal). Bossa Eyes.
Link for Emma Sydney's Bossa Eyes. You can listen to a sample of it at the link.

Another friend, herself an artist although she has devoted her career to teaching the disabled, has a daughter who has grown up, or, at least, she's finished school, and is starting in the music industry. Ellinor, nickname Jelly (she has a proud mother) has put a few of  her first songs up on My Space.

So YAY! 2010!


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